Elise Thompson

Sometimes you have to paint a whole tube of Pringles to know it’s a bad idea.

“I identify as a painter, but not all of my works are wall based and within the conventional rectangle. I don’t think this necessarily means that I’m not making a painting, however.  I view the work that I make being rooted in the vocabulary and history painting resides in, but I see the medium more as a means than an end, which is why I like to explore painting through sculpture and installation as well. I make a variation of objects that differ in display, but still are in dialogue with each other.  This, as a first impression, can come through formally via color palette, mark making, materials, etc.  I make paintings on translucent materials employing marks that range from ethereal and ghostly, to thick and skin-like.  Freestanding, human scale sculptural objects are also considered in the same body of work.  Often, I feel my objects garner strength in collections and groupings to suggest relationships when it comes to how they are perceived.”

Elise Thompson is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist that works primarily with paint, fiber, wood and plastic. She has a wide variety of influences including Arte povera, provisional painting, process art, The Bay Area School, Mitzi Pederson, Claire Ashley, Pam Lins, Sarah Braman, Rachel Harrison, Eva Hesse, Amy Sillman, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Karla Black, Katharina Grosse, Vincent Fecteau, Lisa Sigal, Jacqueline Humphries, Richard Tuttle, Phillip Guston and more.

Check out more of her work at www.elisethompson.com