Christina Klein

“My current body of work is inspired by industrial structures and abandoned rural spaces. I have spent a great amount of time traveling to abandoned barns, houses and factories throughout the Midwest to collect the reference material for my work. The initial inspiration for this series came following the construction of a natural gas transfer station on my family’s farm. Almost a decade ago, in what used to be open farmground, a small factory was built to transfer crude oil from a North/South line to an East/West pipeline. For three years it was illuminated at night by four pink-fluorescent stadium lights that could be seen for miles in what was normally dark countryside. Eventually, the lights went out because it was no longer needed and it now sits useless in the middle of a cornfield.

Now that time has passed, I have turned my frustration with the abandoned transfer station into something positive that informs my artistic practice. It has opened my eyes to other social issues that plague rural communities, such as big businesses shutting their doors and population decline. It is my hope that my work can inspire others, and hopefully shed light on subjects that are often overlooked.”

Christina Klein is a painter that works primarily with acrylics. Check out more of her work at