Sarita Guillory

“I am intrigued by the unusual, the hidden, the mysterious, the forgotten, and ultimately, the undiscovered. The intricacy of the mind, the mystery of the soul, and how these two concepts harmonize is of interest to me. My images search to create a space where the obscurity and undiscovered beauty of both ideas coexist. I construct these spaces with discarded and/or altered man-made materials. Botanicals or natural earth elements are juxtaposed within the scene. The combination of materials and the layering of the scene silently comments on the complexity and symmetry of both the mind and the soul. It secretly reflects energy alignment within self and worldly influence causing transformation to the character.”

Sarita Guillory is a photographer that draws inspiration from Romanticism, Landscape art, Baroque art, Kim Keever, Margriet Smulders, Jacob Fellander, and Carlos Tarrats.

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